About Librarian Tiff:

Tiff Whitehead, also known as Librarian Tiff and the Mighty Little Librarian, is a Library Media Specialist in Baton Rouge, Louisiana at Central Middle School. An avid reader, obsessive social media user, and techno-geek, Tiff loves to learn new things, share, and collaborate with other educators. She is an member of ISTE, LACUE, ALA, and AASL.

You can find Tiff in many places throughout the Interwebs, including...

Blog: www.mightylittlelibrarian.com
Twitter: @librarian_tiff
Skype: librarian_tiff
YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/mightylittlelibraria
Personal Wiki: www.librariantiff.wikispaces.com
Personal email: librariantiff@gmail.com
School Wiki: www.centralmiddle.wikispaces.com
School email: twhitehead@centralcss.org